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Industrial fans

Metal Servis Inžiniering s.r.o. is a sales representative of TLT-Turbo GmbH for the Slovak and Czech market.

The production program includes radial and axial fans for any application. Typical areas of application for fans are in thermal power plants, steel, chemical and petrochemical industries, cement industry, waste incineration, tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels, drying equipment, mechanical engineering, construction of air conditioning and ventilation equipment, fire protection.

Large axial fans for power plants

Fans of various designs and sizes for use in a variety of equipment and devices for the transport of air, gases and steam. It is most often used in flue gas desulphurisation and in the steel industry.

Axial pressure fans with adjustable blades

With these fans, the blades can be set or regulated individually (centrally at standstill) or together during operation. The advantage is a large working range, space-saving construction and easy maintenance allowing components to be replaced in a short time

Axial balancing fans with fixed impellers

This type is preferred for extreme operating conditions at high temperatures and high dust content. Primary is used as suction fan.

Axial – balancing fans

With adjustable slotted blades for high pressures at low peripheral speeds

Industrial radial fans

A safe, reliable and cost-effective solution when the transport of gaseous media is required. The main areas of application of these fans are the chemical industry, the food industry, power plants, engineering, the cement industry, waste incineration, steel mills, metallurgical plants, drying and dedusting technology.

Radial – industrial fans

Single and multi-stage, with a simple and robust design with the highest degrees of efficiency up to approx. 80,000 Pa.

Radial – large fans

Dual-air with a simple and robust design, for high pressures and volume flows

Air fans

Suitable fan for every application. A complete range of fans, regardless of whether the fan is needed to extract exhaust air or air saturated with pollutants from industrial or non – residential premises. Ventilation and exhaust fans for buildings.

Complete equipment for tunnel ventilation and jet fans. Air tunnel systems for continuous operation with fans and compressors. Indirect extraction equipment, including fans, pipes, drive nozzles, chimneys, suction silencers.

Exhaust fans

  • For fast and efficient control and removal of hazardous flue gases from smoky buildings,
  • the fans are designed for use in the temperature ranges: 200, 300, 400 and 600 °C
  • assembly,
  • commissioning,
  • inspection, maintenance, repair,
  • manufacture and delivery of spare parts,
  • revision planning, revisions and reconstruction,
  • fault analysis and troubleshooting,
  • equipment diagnostics,
  • optimization and modernization of equipment,
  • anti-noise measures.