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Technologies for the foundry, engineering and energy industries

planning and construction of complete equipment for melting, maintenance and casting of all metals
  • medium frequency induction crucible melting and holding furnaces for steel, cast iron, heavy and light metals
  • induction crucible furnaces
  • vacuum induction crucible furnaces
  • induction holding furnaces (channel)
  • repairs of induction furnace coils
  • inductor repairs
  • transformer repairs
  • new control technology
  • suction nozzles and covers for melting and holding units
  • spare parts for JUNKER furnaces
The production program includes: SNCR (DeNOx) and mobile SNCR and temperature measurements
  • Denitrification systems on key using SNCR process with ammonia, ammonia water or urea solution as deoxidize.
  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Pump stations for urea medium and ammonia water for SNCR a SCR systems
Tank tanks
  • Storage tanks for ammonia water and urea medium
  • Mixing stations for urea solutions
Service and maintenance
  • Maintenance work and supply of spare parts
The company METAL SERVIS Inžiniering, s.r.o. is a contractual representative of the German companies AGTOS – manufacturer of blasting systems that specialize in blasting workpieces using throwing wheels and SLF Oberflächentechnik – manufacturer of painting equipment and equipment for air blasting.

The professional scope of blasting activity includes:

  • descaling
  • rust removal
  • cleaning
  • paint removal

The professional scope of painting activity includes:

  • painting equipment
  • painting booths
  • pre-treatment of the sprayed surface
  • drying and firing
  • regeneration equipment for chemically hardened sands for technology e.g: alpha-set, pep-set, furan, water glass
  • vibrating lump crushers for regeneration to be used behind the grate
  • sand cooling (gradient or fluid)
  • pneumatic conveying equipment (up to 400 ° C)
  • extrusion grates
  • dosing systems
  • separation of chromite sands
  • high-performance COMBIMIX continuous mixers for molding technology and core production, e.g: alpha-set, pep-set, furan, water glass
  • molding equipment for frame and frameless technology, e.g: alpha-set, pep-set, furan, water glass
  • pneumatic transport for ash transport (fly ash from filters in power plants and ash from municipal waste and biomass incinerators)
  • spare parts