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Refractory materials and refractory works

Our specialization in refractory materials is based on the solid foundations of an international management team with experience in the industry for decades. We rely on a dynamic and flexible approach.

Product types

  • Vibrating concretes RCC, LCC, ULCC, NCC
  • Self-flowing concrete
  • Gun materials (hydraulic, chemical)
  • Ram materials (chemical, ceramic)
  • Plastics materials (chemical, ceramic)
  • “Shot” materials
  • Grouting materials (hydraulic, chemical)
  • Special dry materials (chemical)
  • Adhesives and mortars
  • Prefabricated, shaped materials
  • Taphole clays
  • Insulating materials
  • Plastering and repair materials
  • Insulation, anchors

Sectors and uses

Production of iron and steel

  • Blast furnaces
  • Iron and Steel ladles
  • Tundish ladles
  • Torpedoes
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Converters
  • Agglomeration
  • Coke ovens
  • Reheat furnaces

Aluminum production

  • Shaft furnaces
  • Rotary furnaces
  • Melting and holding furnaces
  • Reheat furnaces

Foundry industry

  • Cupola furnaces
  • Induction furnaces
  • Casting equipment
  • Channel induction furnaces
  • Transport and modification ladle
  • Reheat furnaces

Cement industry

  • Heat exchangers
  • Calciners
  • Furnace heads
  • Nose rings
  • Tertiary air ducts and Riser ducts
  • Rotary furnaces
  • Cyclones
  • Grate coolers

Energetic industry

  • Fluidized boilers
  • Steam boilers for biomass
  • Waste incineration boilers
We offer complete installation, service and maintenance of masonry. With our strategic location (Banská Bystrica and Košice – branch) we are able to provide fast and reliable service.
  • demolition
  • welding of anchoring elements
  • installation
  • drying
We offer extensive technical and commercial project management
  • Studies and complete project plan (drawing documentation)
  • Design and development of new masonry and repairs of existing masonry
  • Heat transfer conversions
  • Advice by material selection for the application
  • Drying curves of the lining
  • Technical advice, professional supervision – and control

Increasingly high demands are being placed on refractory linings. Thus, the metallic anchoring tools must always guarantee a high long-term strength at increased process temperatures and chemical attacks by hot gases or when the dew point is undershot by aggressive aqueous solutions.

Metallic anchors AS Schöler meet these requirements, for example, against corrosion, embrittlement and carburisation:

  • Round bar anchor, flat anchor and brick anchor
  • Fiberfix and threaded pins
  • Insulating pins
  • Fastening accessories
  • Ceramic products, clips and bolts
  • Threaded nuts and washers, round nuts
  • Washers, flat pins and lugs