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Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection covers a wide range of different applications and technologies to prevent damage caused by atmospheric, chemical and mechanical loading of metal components.
Our experience in individual areas ranges from the steel and metal construction industries through the food industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries to power plants and energy.
We offer various coating systems. Choosing the right system depends on chemical and / or mechanical stress, as well as various other requirements and durability. The surface preparation is also selected according to the corrosion protection system.


  • Atmospheric corrosion protection
  • Vinyl coating
  • Hot coating
  • Thermosetting Dutoplast – coating


  • Rubber coating
  • Lamination


  • PVC coating


  • Galvanizing
  • Insulating coating
  • Intumescent coating
  • Reinstating of concrete
  • Coating and lining of the drinking water tank
  • CFK lamella reinforcement
  • Joint sealing and grouting